Adventure and construction began in March 2014, after a rich career in different sectors of activities and a great desire for change, I decided to work an idea that would allow everyone to take advantage of an average economic displacement, ecological and especially good for health and private and professional dynamics.

After several studies and a long search for information from the public and the professional field, I found that a large majority seeking solutions to save money as cash, solutions for the well being and health, service solutions and communications solutions and relationship.

Now to the presentation, the project allows anyone to enjoy a rent and choose a bike are choices no direct impact on your money.

But its advantages are many:

  • A bike manageability, and bike park
  • More maintenance
  • Over resale complication or opportunities bikes
  • Advantage of new technologies
  • Reduce costs (car, insurance, fuel, parking)
  • To allow everyone to be able to move when he wants as he wants
  • To do physical exercise without forcing
  • Reduce health problems
  • To put an extra service available to its customers where its staff
  • Enjoy a mileage allowance (home, work) Minimum ceiling set by the state € 30 per month

Now you understand why I put so much energy to create a project that perfectly meets daily waiting for all of us.