Rental conditions

Article 1 – Purpose

The rental of one or more cycles by SAS un vélo pour tous “renting” a customer designated “the tenant”.

Article 2 – Provision

The cycle or the cycles are made available to the new tenant and in perfect working condition, all bikes have a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months. The tenant agrees to make good use of or cycles. The tenant agrees to have received the new rental equipment. This contract is in effect only for the duration of the lease on the contract. If the tenant retains the equipment after the date of termination and restitution originally stated above, he loses the benefit of all the guarantees provided for in the contract and his bail.

Article 3 – Responsability

Upon receipt of the cycles, the lessee is fully responsible. The tenant receives no coverage for damages suffered by the rented equipment and liable in case of breakage or theft. In case of breakage the tenant agrees to return the damaged equipment and the latter being recognizable and complete. Damage to the equipment will be the responsibility of the tenant or have insurance that will compensate the loss suffered by the lessor (replacement cycle value and commercial prejudice). In this case, the deposit shall be forfeited to the lessor into account and credited to the compensation for damage. The tenant is personally liable for any breach of the code of the road and is always responsible for personal injury and damage it causes to the opportunity of using the rented cycle from which it has custody (Article 1383 and 1384 of the Code civil).

Article 4 – Deposit

During the provision of cycles or by the landlord, the tenant must pay a deposit (cash, credit card or bank transfer) equal to the value of new or leased property. A restitution of property, the deposit is returned to the tenant after deduction of possible damage caused by the tenant and described in paragraph 3.

Article 5 – Restitution

The return of the rented equipment or will be obligatory when due on the contract and the tenant will necessarily make restitution to the registered office of the rental company (Company Un vélo pour tous, 37 Avenue Pasteur – 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde )

Article 6 – Termination clause

In case of return or non-payment of rent, the tenant remains responsible for the equipment he has in his possession. Under the penalties provided for in Article 314-1 of the Criminal Code, without having had to send a letter of formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and without the tenant can invoke any impediment, its return is compulsory the expiry of the intended property.

Article 7 – Jurisdiction

The competent court will be the headquarters of the business of the lessor which the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute relating to this agreement.


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