Particular space

Lease 12 months or 6 months.
  • Benefit from a means of transport for 1 € per day for 365 days.
  • Benefit from bicycle always at your home and you use at your convenience.
  • Convey messages of a city or town proper.
  • Receive a mileage allowance (if using home / work) your employer can thanks to the law on the energy transition repay you compensation is capped by the government monthly minimum height of 30 € and monthly maximum ceiling of 50 € all at the convenience and decision of your employer.
  • Consuming without impacting your budget and without compromising your availability.
  • Saving money (parking, fuel, insurance, budget car, interviews).
  • Do as much good for your health and relationships.

Benefit from 3 solutions at the end of your contract 365 days or 183 days:

1) Restitution to the bike company a bike for everyone and end of contract
2) Renewal of contract 1 € / day (nine bike)
3) Renewal of contract in the range bicycles and the range of prices offered.